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Reward your customers only when they engage with your message.

FynCom was built in collaboration with marketers that need to break the clutter of today's social media and traditional channels. 


Manage Rewards For Emails, Texts, & More

Instantly reward responses to any message or digital prompt. Use our Attention Dashboard to learn what combination of rewards & content increase your lead conversion rate at each stage of your marketing funnel.

Zapier Integrations

Connect the Triggers of any app on Zapier to FynCom Actions. Reward people for booking a Calendly/Zoom meeting with you. Reward them more to take a post-meeting survey through Google Forms!

Create the best performing campaigns.
Get your audience to respond, stand above other media.

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In-app campaign management

Get users to re-engage with your app by rewarding them for their repeat logins or recurring actions. Get user behavior dialed in! 


Attention metrics and reports

Test, report, analyze, and optimize! Understand your attention metrics to get your attention campaigns to perform at their optimum levels.

Consult with our expert team

Let's chat about your goals, your audience, and your budget. Our team can help you figure out what is the best strategy to nudge your leads into the desired action.

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Upload your contacts and activate!

Implementation is easy with the FynCom platform. Just upload your contacts, set the triggers you selected, and customize your message. We will make sure everything is perfect before hitting send!




Reward Twitter user for having the tweet with the most likes.


Use commands to send NANO to a user


Several Integration tools. Including: Google Sheets, Google Docs, MailChimp, and more


Use your API to create email campaigns and send them to thousands of emails at a time.


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