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Event-driven rewards for sales & marketing

Need more responses / feedback? Want more meetings? Looking for unique marketing tools or a customer retention software?
FynCom does it all with digital rewards, from micro-pennies to hundreds of dollars. Anything is possible.

FynCom was built to help digital marketers that need to break the clutter of today's traditional channels and social media. 

Delight customers with instant rewards

In less than 30 seconds, customers receive their rewards and can spend it on whatever they want. Reduce your admin time of handling rewards / gift cards and focus on a great customer experience!


Manage rewards for emails, texts, & more

Instantly reward responses to any message or digital prompt. Use our Attention Dashboard to learn what combination of rewards & content increase your lead conversion rate at each stage of your marketing funnel.

Turn your existing campaigns into top performers with FynCom rewards.
Get your audience to respond, stand above other media.

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Emails - add an automated gifting step into your email sequence

FynCom Emails - Simple FynMails For Digital Rewards Campaign

Best for sales teams & usage in CRMs

No API integration necessary. Anyone with an email can use. We recommend using an alias email here, since anyone who responds will receive a reward. This is what the FynCom team uses for its sales email sequences from Apollo, Engage & native email inboxes. All email service providers will work with this setup.

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FynCom Emails - Scalable FynMails - Digital Rewards Campaign

Best for marketing emails & A/B testing

API integration required. Here, you may send "single" emails with custom messages or marketing emails that reach thousands of people. This is best for marketing teams looking to enhance their newsletters with rewards, increase link click-through rates, or A/B rewards at scale. It is also handy for sales teams to send "single" emails and A/B test rewards.

Texts - keep SMS recipients chatting through automatics rewards

FynCom Emails - Scalable FynTexts

Best for teams using text messages

API integration required. Here, 2 text messages must be received before a recipient is rewarded. SlickText operates by an "opt-in" text, so no "cold" texts are allowed. This is handy for sales teams looking to get that extra bit of information from someone (confirm your email, name, mortgage rate, etc.).


Integration Anchor

Contact us for Zapier requests


Start engaging your leads with conditional rewards

Create Rewards Campaigns that drive real action today.

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