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Our mission is to create a privacy focused market that financially rewards all its participants and is strengthened by numbers. Through the use of our PATENTED ALGORITHIM, we believe the future of great businesses is in shared prosperity that requires that you are financially compensated for your data and time.

"We will give you power over your most precious commodity. Your Time."
- Dr. Adrian Garcia

Read our white paper for a privacy-enabled phone spam filter!

Use Cases / Inspiration

Flagship Application

KarmaCall uses the FynCom algorithm to create a phone spam filter without audio analysis or pattern detection. KarmaCall also pays users for every call they block!

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Cash Calls

What if people were excited to answer cold calls and talk to you? For the right price, they can be! We found 121% increase in pick up rates with just $0.50/minute. Sound interesting? Let's chat.

Direct Message Spam PayWall

Tired of direct message spam? Refundable nanopayments will give your users control over who contacts them and punish spammers. Monetize your site through P2P nanopayments.

Streaming Payments

Give your audience a preview to your podcast with a refundable nanopayment. Depending on their engagement, they can get an automated refund at no cost.

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