Increase ROI by...

Improve your ROI for any Marketing Use Cases

"Attention is a resource, A person has only so much of it."
-Matthew Crawford. Attention Economy.

Acquisition (CAC)

At any stage of your marketing funnel, from brand awareness to purchase decision, FynCom creates a way to reward your customer to pay attention to your message. It’s a better way to engage people giving you a higher conversion rate in any form of communication.

Activation (Loyalty)

If you need to get your customers to start using your product or to come back after being inactive for a few months, FynCom will help improve your efforts. From checking out an offer in your app to coming back to your website or store, you can create an instant reward when your customer performs a task.

Attrition (Churn)

In case you are trying to stop customers from leaving to your competitor, FynCom's platform will help you create the right incentive for them to stay or at least tell you the reason for the switch. The instant reward improves their feedback and can help you quickly reduce your churn rate.

Adoption (Onboarding)

And if you feel the need to educate your customer on how to use your new app, website or the product you’ve just launched, FynCom can help you. Get more attention with an instant reward for your customer to watch a video, answer a survey or just re-tweet your message.