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Use Cases / Inspiration

Flagship Application

KarmaCall uses the FynCom algorithm to create a spam filter without listening to the audio, reading the message, or using pattern detection. This also allows users to get paid for their data.

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Cash Calls

What if people were excited to answer cold calls and talk to you? For the right price, they can be! We found 100% increase in pick up rates with just $0.50/minute. Sound interesting? Let's chat.

Direct Message Spam PayWall

Tired of direct message spam? Refundable nanopayments will give your users control over who contacts them and punish spammers. Monetize your site through P2P nanopayments.

Streaming Payments

Give your audience a preview to your podcast with a refundable nanopayment. Depending on their engagement, they can get an automated refund at no cost.

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Our Team.

We are digital cash futurists & the leading experts in using refundable nanopayments to positively influence behavior.

Adrian Garcia, Ph.D.


An internet native & inventor of our SpamCA$HTM algorithm.
Adrian Garcia LinkedIn

Christian Rodriguez

Lead Engineer

A performant perfectionist with a knack for code and an eye for design.
Christian Rodriguez LinkedIn

Dan Jenkins

Sales/Marketing Advisor

A 38-year technology executive with deep marketing & sales expertise.
Dan Jenkins LinkedIn

Jason Civalleri

FinTech/Legal Advisor

A legal expert in FinTech / Blockchain law.
Jason Civalleri LinkedIn

Peter Gluck

IP Strategy Advisor

An IP strategist working to rebuild the data economy.
Peter Gluck LinkedIn

Vijay Jain

Technical Advisor

Working by day in Silicon Valley & advising a startup by night.
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