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FreeStartup / HobbySmall/Medium BusinessEnterprise
Community actionsActions in your community may be calls, messages, in-app actions, or anything else you have in mind.1001,00010,000unlimited
User cash accountsGive all your users a digital cash account with 1 click. Cash accounts are assigned to whatever unique ID you use to identify your Users.
Custom SpamCash UsageDecide whether you want your MicroPayWalls to issue refunds on a time or action based trigger. Phone calls should use time (we suggest 25 seconds) and messages should use responses.
SupportWe are always happy to help you with support.
Faucet as a serviceHalf of your payment goes to funding some digital cash (Nano currency) for your main account. Auto-pay your users fractional amounts for in-app actions! We pay our RoboCash users $0.0001 every time they block a call and they love it!
ConsultationReach out to us if you would like us to design a use case for your enterprise or show you how digital cash could improve your business operations.
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