Monthly + Commission-based pricing

*30 Day Free Trial. The monthly subscription is automatically converted into rewards and used for your Rewards Campaigns. Any remaining balance from your monthly subscription that was not used for rewards DOES NOT roll over at the end of the month. You may top up your account funds over your monthly subscription at any point. Funds that are added in excess of your monthly subscription DO stay in your FynCom account and DO roll over on a month per month basis.

Rewards transactions

Number of rewards you can send in a month.

Rewards campaigns

Number of active rewards campaigns per month.


The commission paid to Fyncom per reward. If a response is received for a reward is $1.00, then $1.15 is charged, based on your plan.

Simple Rules

You only pay commission when you receive a response to your emails, texts, or phone calls, or if your reward link is clicked.