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Earn money by letting us filter your spam email

Optimize your email in a simple, easy and orderly way.

Limited to 10,000 users / month.
Pre-register to join a waitlist.
Pay now and get 2 months free.

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Spam emails go into a "FynCom Filter" folder and you get a reward each time!

we make your inbox clean of emails from people you don't know

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For less than $15, reduce spam email inbox by 100%. Get rewarded (money) for each blocked spam email. Get your FynCom Filter today!


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Want to reserve your spot with nano? Send us the USD equivalent of nano, then email us with the ID of your transaction. Try the QR code or use the nano address below

pay to: nano_3fi1tert5344eh9w5u33349rogs7dyaq3twg71fqsw7rupno3hj7c6wj7k4j

email to:

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