About Us

Our technology experts and marketers came together to develop

our patented technique that disrupts the status quo

Our Story

FynCom's Rewards technology was invented to disrupt scam economics over phone calls with refundable cash deposits. As we spoke to businesses about our solution, we learned that getting responses to business communications is tough! 


So we modified our tech to create response generation technology that rewards prospects & customers when they respond to emails, calls, texts, surveys, and more. We saw incredible results from offering these immediate incentivized rewards, with tests showing a 200% increase in cold-call pick ups and 500% increase in email response rates. 


That was enough to let us know there was value here. FynCom works over the top of any existing service and aims to be the Rewards layer of the internet. We are here to be the best way of transferring financial value in response to communications, hence the name "Financial (Fyn) Communications (Com)".