About Us

Our technology experts and marketers came together to develop

our patented technique that disrupts the status quo.

Our Story

FynCom started as Adrian, Christian, and Nico developed technology to deter spam calls. Spam in general is a marketing tactic that people hate. It delivers a bad experience, yet companies still struggle to replace spam with better marketing strategies


As they approached the problem from the marketers' point of view, it became increasingly obvious that spam would only stop if a better solution came along.

This is how FynCom was born.

Our core IP was influenced by game theory and designed with long-term solutions in mind *. We focus on enhancing today’s communication platforms with financial incentives to promote positive behavior. The cryptocurrency incentives are only rewarded when some action has been completed and/or some time has passed. We provide user-friendly ways to cash out to fiat or to hundreds of gift cards. We are happy to integrate our clients' existing reward system too. We are expanding to other cloud communication mediums, such as emails, texts, and social media direct messages. Furthermore, we have developed a self-service API,  business partnerships, and IP licensing (B2B).


* Time-based nano-transaction system for reducing unsolicited communications

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