Case Studies


How KarmaCall uses Fyncom's platform to incentivize spam blocking

KarmaCall is Fyncom's flagship application. It utilizes a fee-less, nanopayments platform that works globally. Now, over 10,000 users worldwide are getting paid per blocked call. This disrupts the robocalling market and protects users from scam calls.

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User Metrics

Active Users

KarmaCall leveraged incentives to drive user behavior, gaining 80% month-over-month growth in Q4 2020.

User Location

Because nanopayments work globally, KarmaCall was able to gain market share in Brazil, where the scam calling problem is significantly worse than in the US.

User Retention

The Fyncom nanopayments platform pays out $0.0001 per blocked call. This concept transfers easily to other markets, such as "pay for attention" and "pay for time". This maintained a 44% user engagement.