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Profit from Scam Blocking
Cash in effortlessly

Emails, direct messages, calls - we do it all!

Are your customers getting phished?

Stop scams with refundable deposits. Our tech asks unknown senders to risk losing money (to your audience) before they can reach them. Learn more.

Cash-back spam blockers we've built for consumers & can port to enterprise.


Too many scam DMs in chats?

Your community loves making connections, but not with scammers & imposters. Help mods by adding FynCom's Direct Message tech into your Discord, Telegram, or other chat-based community.  Bonus - your users make $$ for every blocked spam DM! Contact us

Why FynCom?

Our company is built around refundable deposits as a tool to create trust between unknown parties in digital communications. Protect yourself from unwanted communications & get the power to put a monetary value to your time & data. Read More

A scam blocking tool for some...

...and a rewards engine for all. FynCom creates trust in online communications with its Refundable Deposits API. Any platform with communication between users can  give cash-back to users for blocking scams. Bring a modern approach to cybersecurity that your customers will love & your revenue teams will love more.

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Give the Gift of Cash-Back for Scam Blocking

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