Rewards Campaigns

Enhance your lead nurturing campaigns

In the Attention Economy, the value of the time spent with your brand and the attention spam has increased while people have less brand recollection than ever.
Our clients have found that attention captivating triggers work effectively. They can grow attention span with target audiences, as well as brand loyalty and charisma. 



Product Drop

In the world of fast fashion, dropping a new collection with the right influencers and social media shares can increase sales success by 5. 


OFFER users a gift certificate for watching a full video with the new product collection. If your audience is aligned with the product, the gift certificate will impact brand experience positively while getting users exposed to the new products and enticing sales.


Sales Pitch Attendance

In the B2B industry, the fight for the calendar invite is hard. People are increasingly reluctant to book meetings with uncertain benefits.

PROVIDE cash rewards for folks joining a zoom call and listening to your sales pitch. If you know your closing rates and ROI, this is a fast way to guarantee your sales quota while maintaining the same Cost Per Lead.



Survey Responses

No matter what segment your business is in, oftentimes market research managers struggle to find users to participate in the research and get the appropriate quorum.

CREATE an exclusive promo code for people taking a call and answering a quick survey via text message.


Update your contacts

Some businesses just need their leads to be up to date with the latest address, life event, or contact info. 


THANK your recurring customers for picking up the phone and confirming their current information.