How KarmaCall uses Fyncom's platform to incentivize spam blocking

KarmaCall is Fyncom's flagship application. It utilizes a fee-less, nanopayments platform that works globally. Now, over 10,000 users worldwide are getting paid per blocked call. This disrupts the robocalling market and protects users from scam calls.

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Easy to use SaaS solution. Input your user lists. Schedule a time that works for you.

Our platform sends an auto-generated SMS template to notify your customer that you will make a paid call to them. You call them at the time noted in the SMS. You must be signed in to the KarmaCall for Business mobile app.

Just make sure there's money in your KarmaCall account. We handle the payments automatically.

For a limited time, we are giving new customers $50 of Nano to spend on cash calls.


Increase your sales by 121%!

Customers love to be incentivized for their time.

Schedule Calls

Set a time to make a direct phone call. The user will be incentivized to pick up and chat with you. This takes the stress out of cold-calling.

Qualified leads

Our users provide information that allows us to pre-qualify leads. Save both your time and theirs.

Don't get confused with spam.

KarmaCall's mission is to provide a solution to the cold-calling dilemma. We separate the genuine calls from the bad, increasing your chances for a successful conversion.

Your customers will love you!

Because you are paying them directly they will be excited to talk to you. Never be hung-up on again! Your customers will get to hear your pitch with confidence, knowing that you have been vetted through our trusted platform.

James Ransom - Fidelity Insurance "Right now, customers don't pick up the phone and they don't hang around long enough to listen. With KarmaCall for Business, I'm able to convert high-value cold leads on the first call. Instead of paying advertisers and ADR firms, I pay the customer directly to get them to engage with me."
-James Ransom, Fidelity Insurance

Android User Metrics

Active Users

KarmaCall leveraged incentives to drive user behavior, gaining 80% month-over-month growth in Q4 2020.

User Location

Because nanopayments work globally, KarmaCall was able to gain market share in Brazil, where the scam calling problem is significantly worse than in the US.

User Retention

The Fyncom nanopayments platform pays out $0.0001 per blocked call. This concept transfers easily to other markets, such as "pay for attention" and "pay for time". This maintained a 44% user engagement.

Explainer Video!

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