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Reward Campaigns

Enhance your sales, marketing, & product feedback tools

Today's Attention Economy makes time spent with your brand increasingly valuable, yet people's attention span gets progressively worse!
Smart brands use FynCom's interactive rewards to grow the attention span of their target audiences, creating engagement that would otherwise be lost.

Survey Resonses Activation

More survey responses


A $100 survey... or a $5 qualifying survey with $75 survey. Which creates more value for tech-savvy businesses? 

These are the questions you can answer with FynCom technology. Treat each survey as a Reward Campaign, reduce admin time, and generate trust with your contacts.

From Google forms to exit surveys and customized surveys, FynCom helps you increase your research survey responses rates, save time, and save money.


Closing the deal

Sales reps who get and keep calendar appointments move leads from MQL to SQL to closed.

Instead of giving $125 to qualified leads for meeting, FynCom lets you automate an instant $5 (booking), $50 (meeting), and $35 (closing) reward to that lead.

Break large gift into strategic points on your customer journey to reduce your Cost Per Lead.

Sales Pitch For Digital Rewards Campaign
New Product Drop Campaign


Increase link click through rate

In the world of fast fashion, dropping a new collection with the right influencers and social media shares can increase sales success by 5. 

OFFER users a gift certificate for watching a full video with the new product collection. If your audience is aligned with the product, the gift certificate will impact brand experience positively while getting users exposed to the new products and enticing sales.


Update your contacts

Some businesses just need their leads to be up to date with the latest address, life event, or contact info. 

THANK your recurring customers for picking up the phone and confirming their current information.

Cold Calling Lead Nurturing For Digital Rewards
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