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Increase your conversion rates at every stage of the sales funnel... using interactive rewards. Enhance your digital marketing campaigns with FynCom's response-based rewards. Emails, surveys, texts, & Zapier ready now. Calls available on request. FynCom is the omnichannel rewards platform of the future.
$0.20 is the average reward per response through our platform. Give it a try below!

Get customers to interact with your messages

Your customers will respond to emails / texts / messages, pick up the phone, or answer surveys if there are instant rewards. Find out what moves customers to action with A/B rewards testing.


Increase conversion rates with meeting rewards

Ensure a smooth customer journey by rewarding meetings. From Calendly to Chili Piper or others, getting booked meetings is a key step for better conversion rates.


Reactivate existing leads w/ surveys


Getting new customers costs more than keeping them. Reward leads or inactive customers with survey rewards. From Google Forms, to Typeform, to our in-house surveys, collect 1st party data like never before with instant survey rewards!

Incentivized video education

Drive engagement with visitors & capture emails by rewarding them after they answer a question from the  video.

Try this 20s example!

Enhance your existing marketing tools with instant digital rewards

Focus on your messaging and find product-market fit more quickly.
Set triggers to determine when a lead should be rewarded.
Empower people with the choice to cash out their way.
Our Story

FynCom started as the Founders created tech to stop spam calls. This evolved into a reward system, where people get compensated for responding to digital prompts. Now, people get rewarded for their data & attention, while businesses get the engagement they want.

About the team 

Our Vision

Short-term: Add a financial layer to your existing sales / marketing campaigns.

Long-term: Be  the financial infrastructure for digital communications.

Now: Let data-driven leaders generate 1st party data like never before. For sales, marketing & product teams of all sizes.

About the solutions

Our Technology

FynCom makes it easy for marketers to create attention-grabbing rewards campaigns. Set up your email or provide a Sendgrid/SlickText API key to pair your outbound campaign with a Rewards Campaign. Monitor real-time campaign results in a simple dashboard.

About the product

Startup Program

Apply now & receive free training! Earn $20 for your first campaign and build your future with FynCom rewards technology.
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Why use FynCom?

By rewarding their contacts or inactive customers with the right incentives, marketers have experienced up to 500% more responses leading to ~40% increased ROI on average and 60% less admin time in setup + handling rewards.

Today, major brands use gift cards to ask for product reviews, sales meetings, or feedback requests. Brands do this incentive marketing manually or through sites that typically require significant annual fees. FynCom focuses on self-service, low-maintenance usage, with the capability to send microtransactions and use APIs for "rewards as a service" to enable creative usages such as rewarding steps of a digital customer journey. Check out for yet another creative use of our technology in phone spam call prevention.

Chat with our implementation team or do it yourself by signing up here.

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